Lavazza Success Story

"We chose Virto Commerce for Lavazza because it is the only ecommerce platform that has the functionality, flexibility, and scalability we need – today and long-term. With Virto, the product options are customizable for both B2B and B2C activities  and that improved customer ordering experiences and streamlined our processes." – rb2 ecommerce team


Lavazza Nederland needed a new ecommerce platform because their current solution was outdated and no longer aligned with the current or future goals. They needed to respond to both B2B and B2C customers' needs for a better online shopping experience, personalized transactions, up-to-date customer insights, and product information. The implementation was technically complex because other systems needed to link and integrate seamlessly across Lavaza's ecosystem. Furthermore, the B2B and B2C activities had to be unified to streamline workflow and avoid managing multiple catalogs and duplicate work on the backend. Lavazza searched for a robust and flexible ecommerce platform and selected Virto Commerce because it could handle this data integration, be deployed in multiple countries, and was both flexible and scalable.